Industrial gear boxes

Electronic motorised or geared screw jack technical equipments, which help you in the power train propulsion of mechanical propulsion and screw jacking systems. Its operation is simple, the nut moves on a trapezoidal or ball screw, or the trapezoidal screw moves in the nut. Main types are screw jacks and ball screw jacks in load capacity in 5 – 1000 kN range. Screw jacks are great alternatives to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The advantage of electronic motored screw jack systems is the simple design with only a few components, with no fluid flow (hydraulics), no air escape (pneumatics), and also there is no need for having air compressor or hydraulic pump. It is a really clean solution and it operates silently. If you are interested in how much would it cost to change the hydraulic or pneumatic system to screw jack system, please contact us.

Frequency inverters

Reliable parts for single or three-phase electric motors or geared electric motors which require speed control. You can surely choose the corresponding type to your electronic motor from our wide inverter product palette. We have different types of frequency inverters – simple and more affordable V/F, sensorless vector controlled and also inverters specially designed for given purposes (pumps, ventilators, escalators, etc). IP20 and IP55 or IP66 inverter models are available in stock. We offer frequency inverter for single-phase electric motors, too, which is unique on the market.

Screw jack system

The design of these products is robust, perfect base of electric motor related power transmission drives. Our product range includes almost every type which is common in the industry – helical gearbox, shaft mounted – parallel shaft geared motor, angle drive, bevel gear unit, planetary gearbox and last but not at least, aluminium worm gearbox. We offer explosionproof gear units to any (dust and gas) environment, in addition, we offer agitator drives too, which has reinforced bearings. We keep more gear units and geared electric motors in stock to quickly serve our customers. You can find downloadable descriptions, notes and tables about our gear units and geared electric motors on different pages on our site in order to help you chose.

Electric Motor

We have a wide product palette for our customers for single and three-phase electric motors as well. These are perfect complementary products for our gear units, geared motors and for other drive system related elements. Our supply is wide and available in almost every design, no matter if it is about reversing electric motor, encoder or brake system, synchronous electric motors or the varieties of this. Our single and three-phase asynchronous electric motors are available in aluminium and cast iron edition, and also in flange mounted and foot mounted editions.

Transmission elements

We offer our trabsmission elements as complementary products for already owned or for new transmission base units. Our main products are: trapezoidal spindle, trapezoidal nut, chain sprocket, pulley, worm wheel, toothed pulley, gear, rack, toothed belt, chain, drive belt, clutch etc. These are important supplements for an electronic motored propulsion systems or any other power transmission. The wide variety of transmission element products makes it possible for every customer to find the optimal solution for drive systems. If you have unique need regarding elements, please contact us and we will help you by recommending cutting companies.

Linear actuators

These products are worthy opponents of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, designed for lifting and handling. Our company has the biggest supply in Hungary regarding these products. Each type is industrial, proved their trustworthy operation in several tasks. We can give customers complex solutions for linear movement tasks with attachable control devices. Our thrusters meet needs from only a few N to 50kN with many kinds of supplements, like mechanical and inductive limit switches, different mounting heads, DC or AC electric motors, brake unit, etc. These linear motors can be used in every field of the industry and also suitable for replacing old handling systems.
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